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TGHS Red Cayenne Mash

The General's Hot Sauce

TGHS Red Cayenne Mash


If you know anything about hot sauce (and we know you do), it's all about the mash.  Mash is the raw material that comes from picking, hand-washing, grinding, and storing our peppers for aging, until that mash is ready to bottle. 

We'll ship you a full 64-oz bottle of pristine, properly aged, unfiltered, chemical-free Louisiana mash that you can use to make your own hot sauce, using your own recipe (nope, we won't tell you our recipe--ever).

Depending upon your formula, this mash will yield 10-12 6 oz bottles of finished hot sauce after you strain and press the mash, add your ingredients, blend, and bottle. 

Ships in a full, safely packaged 64-oz, reusable Ball jar.

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