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The General's Hot Sauce

USNA Alumni Special


Available for the first time ever outside of King Hall!  And quantities are decidedly limited.

We at Smoke Hall Foods L3C recently made a special King Hall run of The General’s Hot Sauce, using standard 5oz bottles instead of our iconic grenade bottles (so that the Mids wouldn’t…ahem… ‘misappropriate’ the grenade bottles at the end of dinner).  For a limited time, we’re making some of that inventory available to USNA Nation, raising money to help military and Veteran families, and giving you a chance to show some class spirit too.

Here’s the deal:  as hot sauce is meant to be shared, order quantity is 12 bottles (1 case), 4 bottles each of the following flavors:

Marine Green -  ONLY AVAILABLE HERE.  Sold out everywhere else.  A mild-to-medium green cayenne hot sauce

Dead Red - A red cayenne, medium heat hot sauce

Shock & Awe - A habanero, VERY HOT sauce

Each bottle has custom USNA labeling, designed in cooperation with a team of Mids last year.


When you order, you can declare your graduation year from USNA (you’ll see it on the order page), or choose the class  you support.  The class with the most sales gets to select which charity (one that supports military  and Veteran Families) receives the donation, in partnership with Smoke Hall Foods and USNA.  We’ll donate a minimum of $12 for every case purchased.

We’ll announce the winning class after the last case leaves the warehouse.

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