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Smoke Hall Foods L3C is a Louisiana-based company.  Much like The General’s identity, we don’t reveal the locations of our farms.  But if you email us and ask nicely, maybe we can arrange a tour of one of our farms for you.  Or maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get invited to one of our legendary farm summits.  We also entertain many community groups at the farm during harvest season (July thru November) that like to come down to Louisiana and help us pick all our peppers.

Please contact us with any questions or comments via email at SmokeHallFoods@gmail.com, we welcome your ideas and feedback.   You may also leave a voicemail for us at (803) 845-0745.  We don’t have swanky offices with a receptionist, but we monitor the voicemail service closely, and we’ll get back to you.

Please send any mail or shipments to our official business office:

Smoke Hall Foods L3C
2651 Shop Rd, Suite 5
Columbia, SC 29209

Thanks for visiting our website, and for being a part of our story and our mission.